Google Changes Crypto Advertising Policies

Google Changes Crypto Advertising Policies

Is this the beginning of the end for the Wild West days of the crypto world? Google, the giant US tech company, has upended its Crypto Advertising Policies. But what is really behind these profound changes?

Google Changes Crypto Advertising Policies: What Does It Mean?

From January 29, 2024, new rules will apply, which primarily affect providers of crypto funds. But why did Google, the ruler of the digital advertising world, suddenly change the rules of the game?

The main reason is officially investor protection. It is said that Google wants to minimize the risks in the wild west of cryptocurrencies. That sounds reasonable, but what does that actually mean?

Well, if you want to enjoy advertising for crypto funds, you first have to go through the bottleneck of Google approval. Companies must now provide certificates that meet certain standards and do not cause any regulatory problems worldwide.

Complex approval process for advertisers

A complex approval process is introduced. At the end of this process, the advertiser’s account receives a coveted verification “tick.” This check mark becomes a digital accolade and at the same time proof that the advertiser follows all of Google’s standards.

But here’s the warning: Even if these changes are limited to the US for now, companies worldwide should brace themselves. The tech company makes it clear that it would be wise to comply with local regulations.

And this is actually not the first time that Google has cracked the whip. Recently, the guidelines for blockchain games and NFTs were refreshed. The question on everyone’s mind: Are these the harbingers of global crypto regulation?

With the upcoming 2024 US presidential election, crypto regulation is expected to get another major boost. So Google is already positioning itself to weather the storm. Will the rest of the crypto world follow? Exciting times lie ahead.

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