Apple Removes Bitcoin Whitepaper From Mac Computers With New Update


Apple will remove the Bitcoin white paper from Mac computers with the upcoming version of its macOS Ventura operating system. This file was only discovered at the beginning of April . However, it had been on the US company’s computers since 2018. The white paper, which describes the basics of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, will therefore no longer be available on Apple computers.

Apple removes Bitcoin whitepaper from macOS

The digital copy of the white paper on Apple devices had already gone viral earlier this month. After designer Joshua Dickens came across it in 2020 and even wrote a Twitter flood. But it was the blog post by technology blogger Andy Baio that spread the topic widely in crypto media and social media.

In addition to the digital copy, which can be viewed as a PDF, the file in the Apple computers also contained an image of a San Francisco sign. Experts assume that such files are often used by developers for testing purposes. They are therefore not intended for the general public. Nevertheless, the discovery of the Bitcoin white paper on Apple’s Mac computers caused a stir. According to information from AppleInsider , the upcoming version 13.4 of macOS Ventura will not include the file.

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The white paper, written by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the unknown inventor(s) of Bitcoin, is considered a milestone in the history of cryptocurrencies. It describes the idea of ​​a decentralized currency that can exist independently of banks and governments. Bitcoin has had a large following since its inception in 2009. It is seen by some as an alternative to traditional currencies.

The removal of the white paper from Apple computers could draw criticism from some crypto enthusiasts. It is rumored that some – including experts – see this as an attempt to hinder the spread of Bitcoin. Apple has not yet commented on the reasons for the removal of the file. Thus, the room for speculation is given accordingly. It remains to be seen whether the removal of the Bitcoin whitepaper from computers will have any impact on the crypto community. In any case, however, it again shows that interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in society is still strong. 

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