FC Basel co-owner invests in NFT marketplace

FC Basel

Dan Holzmann, co-owner of FC Basel, invests in the NFT marketplace Exclusible. He wants to conquer the luxury segment and is cooperating with famous brands such as car manufacturer Alpine or watch manufacturer Louis Monet. The company recently collected five million euros in investments.

FC Basel co-owner finances NFT companies

Dan Holzmann is a co-owner of FC Basel. The Swiss entrepreneur is now investing in an NFT company based in Lisbon, Portugal. The young company is called Exclusible. This is a new NFT marketplace that was only launched at the end of last year.

Although the market among NFT trading platforms is highly competitive, Exclusible wants to reach a very specific target group: people who value luxury goods.

In order to inspire this clientele, they are already cooperating with the Swiss watch manufacturer Louis Monet, the French car brand Alpine or Asprey Bugatti – a merger between the well-known French manufacturer of luxury cars and the English jeweler Asprey.

Holzmann is apparently also convinced of the idea. The Block reports that the entrepreneur has provided the young NFT company with five million euros together with the Belgian venture capitalist Tioga Capital .

However, Thibault Launay, founder and CEO of Exclusible, has so far not wanted to share his company’s evaluation with the public.

NFT marketplace Exclusible expands to the US

Exclusible intends to use the cash injection to hire talented staff. There are also plans to take over the US company Polycount. This deals with the design of content in the Metaverse and has already worked with McDonald’s and the NBA team Utah Jazz .

The takeover is planned proportionately by money and share transfer. The previous owners of Polycount would therefore become shareholders in Exclusible. Again, Launay declined to provide more details about the acquisition.

However, the managing director believes that the joint market position can be significantly improved in this way. In fact, metaverse and NFTs are two related topics. Within a metaverse, unique tokens are often found as special content and are a significant part of the appeal for many users.

The NFT market is currently on a clear downward trend. This development cannot simply be explained with the bear market , because NFTs were able to retain their importance until the summer despite low prices.

X2Y2 recently achieved enormous growth . The company even overtook the eternal market leader OpenSea. However, this development did not occur organically, but through targeted incentives. Users therefore create an artificial trading volume .

A similar scam is well known from the NFT marketplace LooksRare. While the popularity of this platform has grown just as explosively, as incentives have dwindled, its importance has dwindled very quickly.

The principle is based on specific tokens that the developers of the platform publish themselves. With those you reward the users. Since the tokens have no deep function, their value is also rapidly dwindling.

The future will show whether Exclusible will be successful in a shrinking market. The prices of the NFTs vary from free to tens of thousands of Swiss francs in the form of Ethereum .

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