Kanye West Endorsing Bitcoin After Account Closure?

Kanye West

The American musician Kanye West is currently repeatedly making headlines with controversial statements. Now a bank is canceling several of his accounts. Suddenly, images of West appear, showing him wearing a cap that says Satoshi Nakamoto on it . After the setback, does he now support bitcoin?

Kanye West switches to Bitcoin?

JP Morgan is closing Kanye West’s bank accounts apparently due to his recent performances and statements, some of which are considered controversial by the public. According to West, the bank did not provide any details about the account closure.

West has repeatedly spoken out politically on Twitter and showed up with political activist Candace Owens in a partnered look. Together they bore the inscription “White Lives Matter”. According to West, a deliberate criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement, which he accuses of fraud and deception. Critics accuse him of anti-Semitism, among other things.

West was outraged by the bank’s reaction. In a video , he claimed to have spread $140 million across multiple bank accounts and still been treated meanly by JP Morgan.

West may now be showing a concrete reaction to the account closures. He was last seen wearing a baseball cap with Satoshi Nakamoto written on it . The name of the Bitcoin founder could be a clear indication of a change of course. The question is already popping up on the Internet: is Kanye West switching to Bitcoin?

What does Kanye say about Bitcoin?

Kanye West may have had his wake-up moment thanks to US bank JP Morgan. Many people from the crypto scene have always criticized excessive censorship and surveillance. Many of them experienced limitations themselves.

The internet is already speculating wildly about Kanye’s next move. Some Bitcoiners hope that West will publicly express his support for Bitcoin. However, all of this is pure speculation.

So far, West has not commented on the performance with the Satoshi Nakamoto hat. According to Forbes, West is worth $2 billion. Accordingly, he would be the richest musician in the world.

West reaches tens of millions of followers on various social networks. While some users hope that West could serve as an advertising icon for BTCCardano founder Charles Hoskinson declares the banks themselves to be the most valuable advertising medium.

Hoskinson writes on Twitter :

People keep asking why the crypto industry isn’t doing a better job at marketing. The answer is that every bank in America is doing a pretty good job for us.

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