SUI launch imminent

The launch of SUI is imminent. The latest generation blockchain is eagerly awaited. When exactly the publication will take place is finally known. The first investors can already buy coins from today. The expectation of the project is huge – just like the venture capital behind the development.

SUI launch is imminent: so the expectation is huge

The launch of SUI is imminent. As the developers of the project recently announced on Discord , it will not be long before the long-awaited blockchain is released. It will take around two more weeks.

Starting today, the pre-sale of the SUI coin for three cents begins to early buyers. Those who signed up to the SUI Discord server by February 1st had until April 18th to register their access.

These people are allowed to buy a maximum of 1,500 SUI. Advance sales end on April 24th. It is conceivable that the complete publication and release to the open market will take place shortly after the end of the advance sale.

The developers from Mysten Labs organized the advance sale in cooperation with the crypto exchanges KuCoin, OKX and ByBit.

So the expectation is huge

SUI is considered a blockchain of the latest generation – just like Aptos , which started at the end of 2022, caused a stir and was quickly able to settle in the top 100.

SUI and APT use the Move programming language developed by Facebook. Both projects are smart contract platforms. They take up the task of Ethereum anew and then want to implement it better.

Its scalability should even surpass that of Solana. At the same time, one wants to achieve a professionalization of the industry. Constant crashes like Solana should be a thing of the past.

Like Aptos, SUI is hugely popular among venture capitalists. Investors include big names like Coinbase, Binance, Circle and Andreessen Horowitz. Developer Mysten Labs has already raised $336 million in funding.

The profile of Mysten Labs SUI developers on Crunchbase.

According to the developers, the Move programming language used by SUI is much better suited for creating smart contracts than the currently dominant language Solidity, which came from the pen of the Ethereum inventors.

Solidity is outdated. Move offers better security and is better optimized for use in connection with digital assets.

It is, of course, uncertain whether these promises will ultimately become reality. The fact is that Ethereum currently has a dominance over DeFi of almost 60 percent. It is therefore hardly advisable for the developers of independent projects to choose an alternative blockchain.

Aptos is currently in 30th place among the DeFi blockchains.

In the last month, the market has grown by over 70 percent. Compared to the veterans of the decentralized financial world, the proportion is negligible. Just $62 million is locked into the ecosystem.

For comparison: Ethereum tops the list with a whopping $30 billion. Regardless, expect wild speculation after SUI launches.

Aptos made a significant price gain shortly after publication. From the starting point in October to January 2022, the price of the coin has increased more than fivefold. However, the growth in January came in tandem with broader gains in the crypto market.

Projects like SUI are not particularly popular in the scene because they fuel centralization. The launch of Aptos drew a lot of criticism for keeping users in the dark about the token economy.

SUI mainnet release is on May 3rd

Mysten Labs announced a few hours ago on Twiter that the mainnet release will follow on May 3rd. Users often wonder if early backers will get an airdrop like Aptos did.

However, Mysten announced in advance that an airdrop would not take place.

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