5 benefits of stablecoins


The emergence of Stablecoins in the cryptocurrency universe paved the way for crypto funds to be tied to real-world asset value and a legally compliant transaction. In addition, Stablecoins are facilitated through blockchain technology, veering away from middleman institutions such as banks and other financial establishments.

The gradual rise of Stablecoins since they first came about circulation last 2015, to this date, boasts over billions of users carrying out billions in transaction volume monthly. It is vastly used in alternative online banking, lending, escrow, and remittance, to name a few. Stablecoins and other crypto assets hold a significant contribution to the future of digital finance in the system and payment.

Here are five benefits of this promising form of digital currency.

1. Stablecoins are programmable

Stablecoins are fundamentally composed of codes. With this regard, features and program integration is effortless and convenient. They can quickly adapt to the dynamic market. For example, Costco Stablecoins have built loyalty programs for their shoppers via the branded Stablecoin. Frequency programs through freebies or points are integrated into the user experience. The features can be accessed through a single app wherein redemptions, balance inquiries, and real-time updates are available. In this way, loyalty integration has paved the way for frequency cards to become obsolete.

2. Stablecoins offer more affordable fees

Stablecoins provide value for their users, customers, and business owners through affordable and much lower fees. On average, major credit card companies charge 2% per transaction, leading to small-time businesses diverting charges to customers or not offering card services.

3. 24/7 service availability

Blockchain technology functions and operates beyond business hours. Payment, settlement, and other banking features are carried out outside financial institutions’ business hours – transaction reflection in real-time that can benefit both user and recipient.

4. Stablecoins know no borders

In a world where financial and government collapse is inevitable, the ability of cryptocurrency to be anonymous and store real-world value may come in handy. It may seem pessimistic and bleak, but it can be a necessity in emergencies. This was proven during the insurgence in Venezuela. As they were fleeing the country, they could not send money or carry physical fiat money as it would be seized from them. As a result, Venezuelans have diverted funds to Bitcoin. On other hand, Stablecoins provide much higher value than Bitcoin and Bolivar and are not prone to massive inflation and prying markets.

5. Stablecoin offer transparency

Transactions running through blockchain technology are viewable from a blockchain explorer by anyone with access to the internet. These are records accessible to anyone. Reputable venture-capital groups and institutions can carry out regular audits.

Stablecoins are digital representations of fiat money and assets that live in blockchains. They are a highly secured and private form of transaction accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Despite the restrictions and limitations, one can not deny the benefits, uses, and reasons why it is a necessity in our world today. Visit https://firstdag.com/ to learn more about the Diem Dollar, a type of Stablecoin cryptocurrency that is gaining traction today.

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