Peter Schiff dives into the Bitcoin world with NFTs

Peter Schiff

Investor Peter Schiff, who has been against Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies for years, supports gold investments and has not given up on this idea despite all his perseverance, announced that he has launched an NFT collection on the Bitcoin network. While the bitcoin and crypto community welcomed Schiff, the famous investor continued to retort, “I’m not a bitcoin believer.”

Crypto U-turn: Peter Schiff dives into the Bitcoin world with NFTs

The famous investor Peter Schiff has made a very big step towards Bitcoin for the first time. Although Schiff has not directly invested in Bitcoin, he did announce that he has issued an NFT collection on the Ordinals protocol. The famous investor who made the announcement on Twitter also received messages from the cryptocurrency community.

The Schiff collection will be sold in two separate auctions on June 2nd and 9th. Ordinals NFTs will be sold on the first of these days, physical artworks will be auctioned off on the second. Schiff, who broke the news on his personal Twitter account , said: “I’m excited to announce a new project with one of my favorite artists, Market Price. This collection, called ‹Golden Triumph›, consists of both original paintings and Ordinals NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain».

Binance CEO CZ & Co. react via Twitter

CZ, the famous CEO of the Binance exchange, was not unimpressed by Schiff’s tweet. “I’m glad Schiff switched to bitcoin too,” CZ said in response to the famous investor. Schiff, however, remained firm and replied: «I did not switch to Bitcoin. I think what is valuable here is art. An original painted work and signed limited edition NFTs. The Ordinals protocol adds value in terms of ownership verification.”

Appropriate: Binance adopts Bitcoin NFTs

Beneath CZ’s tweet, famed British podcaster Peter McCormack also responded, saying, “Then you think the log is also valuable because it helps verify the artwork… Come on, you’re so close.” Schiff, on the other hand, stated that he needed a satoshi, not a bitcoin, only emphasizing the approval portion of the work.

McCormack, on the other hand, explained that a satoshi in this case is bitcoin and that Schiff accepted that bitcoin is money. But Schiff was emphatic in stating that a satoshi is not money, just a definition of property. The famous podcaster finally ended the discussion once and for all by saying: “You know what secures the blockchain, which confirms the authenticity of your work, right?”

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